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From Manual, Semi & Fully Automatic Machines.

Speeds up to 20,000 BPH

Applications throughout the wine, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and household industries

An extensive range of labelling formats with numerous variety of bottle types 

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C&G Labeller


Fully Automatic Labelling

600 TO 3000 BPH
Applications - Round, square bottles, Jars & cans of various sizes.
Capsuling Applications integrated or on separate machines.
Up to 4 labelling heads
Front & Back Labels
Full wrap around labels
Tab security seal
Medallion  labels
Capsule placing 
Various Printing options


Self Adhesive label Applications

1000 to 20,000 BPH

​Quality assured & easy integration into bottling lines.

Long term performance.

Optional automatic synchronization of capsule or thermal-shrinking.

Can be equipped with various optical and mechanical spotting systems for the automatic alignment of printed capsules, glass cartouches, side and bottom notch lugs, silk screen prints or applied labels on a wide range of bottles and containers.

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