Rinsing / Filling & Capping Monoblocks

FIMER Monoblocs are multifunction machines that execute the preliminary rinsing and deaeration, as well as the traditional filling operations, in a single production plant. They also allow to add the next stage of the process, that is container's capping/corking. The identification code of these machines indicates the functional stations integrated into the monobloc, according to the following table:

Monobloc identification code composition


-  Rinsing


- Deaeration


-  Filling


- Capping/corking

that means that the Monobloc SRT 30-40-8 S - for example - consists of a rinsing station with 30 chucks, a filling station with 40 cocks and a corking station with 8 heads.

The monoblocs displayed in this page are just a few examples.

S SRTa 16-20-6 P
high vacuum filler

SSRTT 9-16-16-1-1 S-C

RT 9-1 VA