Piston Pumps

The pumping casing is formed by a single stainless steel 316 casting and all parts being in contact with the pumped liquid are made up of stainless steel, thus making it suitable for being

used also with hot products and aggressive liquids (tartaric & citric acids, sulphurous solutions etc.).

The cylinders housing the liners are obtained by boring of the casting block: the liners and the cylinders are therefore in full contact, thus assuring an absolute non-deformability, even under remarkable and long stresses. (Both liners and valve seats are interchangeable)

  • More effective compensation to avoid any vibration and wear in the pipes
  • High compression ratio for a steadier flow and better efficiency exsspecially with dense products like lees and mashed fruit.
  • More linear thrust to avoid mechanical wears and energy losses.
  • The backflow ball cock is provided with interchangeable teflon seals: its long life and minimum movement effort are combined with a great sensitivity in the adjustment of the rate of flow; the backflow is allowed even when the machine is working


Pump with capacity variation but frequency invertor
2NCM-3NCM-5NCM mod. can be equipt with frequency invertor motor integrated for capacity variation with ratio 1-5. The variation is potenthiometer on pump control box.

Remote Control
All models can be equipped of radio control or by cable (mt 25) for "on-off and speed switch" or to drive the fluid reverse.