Grape Processing / Wine Making


Padovan Filters

Nitor Crossflow Filter

  • Standard version is made from AISI 304 stainless steel, on feet or wheels, equipped with service tank, feed boost circulation pumps, control instuments and automation. Programmable back wash system makes it possible to achieve a higher constant filtration level and prolongation of filtration cycles.
  • Organic capillary membranes (inner diameter 2mm approx), nominal porosity 0.2 micron. Especially for filtered grape juice, sparkling wine and vinegar.
  • Modular configuration.
  • Equipped with Allen-Bradley PLC system with a large 10" touch screen colour display, (optional Seimens).
  • Comes with a CIP tank with batching pump and thermoregulation of the required water temperature.
  • Nitrogen saturation kit is provided for the input and filtered output tanks.
  • Main options available - machine partialization when filtering small batches to reduce costs    - residue filtering on last membrane to reduce volume to a minimum at the end of the filter cycle   - automatic double prefilter to avoid interrupting the filter cycle   - turbidimeter to control output turbidity and check the state of the membranes   - hot water preparation tank with heating elements.



               Taylo  - Rotary Precoat Vacuum Drum Filter     

 For heavy filtration of musts and juices as well as the filtration of lees and residual bottoms.

  • Drum shell and heads of AISI 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Polypropylene drainage grids.
  • AISI 316 stainless steel filtering cloth with 65 micron porosity.
  • Axial filtrate manifold with rotating seal.
  • Cake cutting with stainless steel blade controlled by variable speed motor.


              Green Filter

Horizontal Plate Filter with sizes from 2 m² to 42m².

  • Patented design of filter plates ensures elevated drainage during filtration and precoating. Plates are easy to disassemble and wash.
  • 65 micron AISI 316 stainless steel filter mesh.
  • No drainage grid which is a hygiene trap on some other brands.
  • Special inflow distributor avoids abnormal liuid flow at both high and low input.
  • Final residual liquid drained in 10-15 minutes by means of the main pump and filtered through an external auxilary filter.
  • Final wash takes about 5 minutes with a consumption of 30-50 litres of water per m² of filtration surface.