Direct flow Filtration

Diemme Microflex direct flow filtration process:

Microflex mod. 12-24-48      

  • Highest quality components, instruments and workmanship
  • Free choice of the most suitable filtering cartridges based on the product to be filtered
  • Very limited stress and no heating of the product.
  • Model 12* 24 & 48 fully automatic
  • Minimal consumption of water for the cleaning process
  • Long lasting filtering cartridges
  • Able to process rough wine in fermentation or pre-bottling product
  • Intelliflex software ( patent pendig ) optimizes the performance of the cartridges accordingly to the characteristics of the product to be filtered.
  • Excellent performing with stabilized low temperature wines.
  • Uses less energy compared to same size cross-flow filter, lower pressures and therefore able to produce higher quality filtered product than cross-flow filtration
  • Production ranges between 1,800 - 24,000 litres/hours

             * Model 12 available with automatic washing option